Friday, April 29, 2011

Steel Ball Run Chapter 74

Whoa. So this has become my favorite volume to have ever worked on. Why? Because the first two volumes I worked to were boring as hell. Also I haven't read ahead on the Japanese chapter spoilers (since I can't figure out which one is which. The numbering's all weird so whatever), so this is all new to me.

So anyway, here's what happens in this chapter:
When we last left our heroes (and antiheroes) the President has just revealed his ability to Dio and Hot Pants as they arrived at the train on which Lucy and Valentine were about to take off. Now they face death as they face their identical alternate-universe selves. At the same time, something mysterious seems to be happening in Lucy Steel's womb! So will Hot Pants cooperate with Dio? Can Dio and H.P. overcome their own selves and escape them unscathed, and how will they do it? Will Valentine escape with Lucy?! Find out the answers to these burning questions in this chapter of Steel Ball Run!

[insert unnecessary excited comment about Jojolion in 2.5 weeks]
Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Steel Ball Run Volumes 17 and 18

Hello everyone!
After what seems like forever, we've finally compiled a couple of volume releases for you guys. First of all is Volume 17, "D4C." Here are some download links for you.

Next, and most important, is Volume 18, "Ticket to Ride." Why is this most important? Well if you remember correctly, a lot of our volume 18 releases were, um... lacking. Some pages were missing, and there were a few consistency errors and grammatical mistakes. I'm happy to say that the errors have been fixed! So if you didn't understand or were put off during this volume because of the errors, please read this release.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

so i mentioned announcements

My lovely little >:3 was a hint. A badly pronounced hint.

Anyway, as many of you already know, JoJo part 8, Jojolion (pronounced like the lion in Evangelion, not like as in rawr I'm a lion), is going to be published starting in Ultra Jump next month. Some very good friends of mine, Project Bite Me! Scans, will be working on it.

Most of the current JJP team will be joining them. The way we're currently planning it is for me to obtain an actual copy of the magazine as soon as possible, so that even if the first chapter is done from mag raws (something I always like to not do), we'll have large enough scans to make it work and still be able to get color pages scanned. This may take up to a month after the issue comes out before I can find it, but it'll be better than public raws. After that, I will be doing raw providing, proofreading, and some minor editing for Jojolion at the same time which I continue to help with SBR; the current arrangement for SBR will continue until the end of the series. After SBR has concluded, I will be switching my editing efforts to redoing part 4 and completely rescanning and retranslating part 5.

I think these arrangements will to work out well for everybody involved, and for the readers as well.

Happy Easter, and more importantly for me, happy "there is chocolate on sale tomorrow"!
Friday, April 22, 2011

Steel Ball Run chapter 73

You guys. You guys. You guys don't even KNOW what you're in for, or how happy I am for you that you get to read it. I haven't been so excited to have a new chapter released since way back in volume 16 when we were hearing about napkins while Magenta Magenta and Wekapipo fought on a carriagetop. Or maybe even earlier than that. This is seriously a big fucking deal we've got going on right now.

You can basically tell when the chapters that comprise volume 19 first started to appear in Ultra Jump by looking at Pixiv. This particular chapter here spawned a near critical mass of fanart within a week of its release; suddenly Pixiv was drowning in… well, you guys will just get to see! I don't doubt for one bit that some of the same craze that swept Japan is going to hit the English-speaking internet. This chapter also features a few nice call-backs to a previous arc, including one that I am about 100% certain that all you JoJofags have just been dying to see, and introduces a minor meme that I particularly like (a quirk in the President's speech that will become one of his catchphrases for a while).

Seriously though. This chapter is awesome. This volume is awesome. Normally I rather hate how, thanks to my access to the Japanese volumes, I know things before everybody else. This time, however, knowing what's coming and knowing that I get to watch all the speculation happen again except in English is absolutely delicious.

I want to give special shoutout thanks to Freek for some particularly amazing typesetting this chapter; I could definitely not have handled all the stuff with the torn-up note. Thanks to Momo for doing an emergency translation of the author blurb (isn't it hilarious?). And thanks to Red Hawk for doing all the lovely redrawing work. This chapter may have taken a while, but it's been a delight.


And keep watching this blog for more chapters… and a special announcement coming Sunday! >:3
Sunday, April 3, 2011

Steel Ball Run chapter 72!

That's it guys, Volume 18 is finally complete!

And unfortunately, again with the late, but this time, it is 100% my fault.

Red Hawk had the cleans they had done for us done WAY earlier, and if it were up to them it'd be out over a week and a half ago. Unfortunately, I'm the JoJo Project contact person and I do some of the typesetting and proofreading myself, so when I'm knocked offline it can be kind of bad... I then had both a dual hard drive failure (my hard drive AND my most recent backup) and then was sent to the hospital for a while. It's so unbelievable that I'd think I were lying if I were reading it... but I swear I'm not. Otafreek, with just a bit of help from a proofreader who joined through JJP for a bit who prefers to remain anonymous, teamed up with the current JJP translator and managed to work some MIRACLES while I was occupied. I'm so proud of all the other people, and of everybody who wasn't a dick while waiting.