Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Steel Ball Run chapter 65

Well would you look at that! For once I'm not writing about delays!

This chapter is short, sweet, and delightfully confusing. It's like spicy chocolate. You'll be trying to piece together the events on the streets of Philadelphia for weeks. Who is the Steel Ball Run shadow man villain? What is Wekapipo doing? Where is Dio? And what on earth is up with Disco and his crazy Stand? Read it, enjoy, and try to puzzle it out without resorting to spoilers!

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And as always, back chapters are at if you need to catch up.

Special thanks to Frequency for saving my butt and doing the joins for me this time. It made this chapter an absolute delight to edit.
Friday, June 11, 2010

JoJo Project now presents Vento Aureo! Volume 47

Part 5's translation existing translation is, quite frankly, pretty terrible. It leaves stuff out all over the place and outright makes things up in places, not to mention how it doesn't preserve the charm of the original very well at all. Plus the image quality was rather bad. Freshy and I have wanted to redo this ever since the first day we teamed up to work on Stone Ocean, and have been secretly working on this for months. We're proud to present the first volume to you.

We will be releasing part 5 in full volume batches. The first one, volume 47b (the first part of volume 47is taken up by the very end of part 4), is here.

Steel Ball Run chapter 64

It's been way longer than I would have liked but it's finally here - the seventeenth volume of Steel Ball run starts here!

You know, normally I love writing crazy summaries to hype up the upcoming chapter. It's one of the highlights of chapter releases for me. But this one... most of what makes it so awesome is also incredibly spoilertastic. So all I'm going to say is that...



And as always, back chapters are at so you can catch up easily!