Monday, December 31, 2012

Welcome to the JoJo Project blog!

Welcome to the JoJo Project scanlation team blog!

Current releases can be found here.

Most current SBR chapter is chapter 84, or volume 21 chapter 4.

If you prefer to use Tumblr, you can find us here.

Current raw status: Scanned through v23 midway. Scanning v23 and v24.
Current editing status: Full unedited scripts. Proofread scripts through ch86. Volume 22 in bulk release estimated within three weeks.

The current and past team are:
so many people I can't be assed to list us all right now, and be sure that I am grateful for them all


TheShadowRunner said...

Very nice, I love JoJo and your work, thank you!

Unknown said...

Thank you for translating the Steel Ball Run series. I appreciate your efforts. Keep up the amazing work!

Unknown said...

I can't wait for the next release!!

Great job Jojo Project!!

ArtVegan83 said...

Thank you so much for this you are doing with steel ball run, yo don't know how much i appreciate this work you do. This is my favourite comic book of all time.

Otaking said...

Thank all of you!!
You cannot imagine how thanksfull I am for being able to read Jojo's Bizarre Adventures after it stopped being edited in France!! I love SBR and thanks to your work, I don't have to wait something like 5 years to maybe be able to read it!

trevora7070 said...

I love that you are doing this, but do you have any idea when you are coming out with the next chapter?

Nick said...

Hi, I'm new here ("Hol Horse" in the "JBA community" :) ).

I have the italian scans of the original manga from Part 1 to 7 with even the onomatopoeias translated!

The quality is very good :)

EDIT: in France "Steel Ball Run" is on going?

TheShadowRunner said...

Hi is this blog still active?

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