Sunday, February 27, 2011


I have neglected this blog since pretty much forever, so here are the missing chapters.

Chapter 66:
Chapter 67:
Chapter 68:
Chapter 69:

I would also like to issue some clarifications:

1) I am not the entire project. I'm just the publicity dude, who also does miscellaneous stuff for the team. Please, in comments here and on other forums or sites, direct any thanks to the people who the credit page indicates actually worked on the editing or translation, not to Shizuka.

2) We have way more team members now. Please check the first post in this blog routinely to see who is currently on the SBR project; the part 5 scans, which we are NOT working on until we are done with SBR, are being done by a slightly different team who is still part of JoJo Project.

3) I'm terrible at updating blogs, so please if you need to contact me immediately with a question or you think the status is out of date, please use email to contact me: shizuka dot joestar at gmail dot com. I will respond within a few days, I promise.

4) We're trying for a chapter a week until we catch up with Japan now.


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