Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Steel Ball Run Chapter 83

Wow! It's only been a few days since we released 82, but can you believe it?! We're at 83 now! Welp, Shizu wrote up a nice little blurb, and I suck at summarizing, so let's not let that go to waste~
We're cranking up the speed and it feels so good! Welcome to the first chapter of Ball Breaker. We're still fighting D4C, but at least the chapter isn't CALLED "D4C" anymore! This arc is going to continue on into the next volume.

What more can I say about what's going on? Gyro and Johnny are definitely in a big pinch right about now! With all the variables ramping up intensity, what on earth can happen next? (A bunch of crazy shit, that's what's going to happen next.)

So, here are the links! Enjoy this first chapter of Ball Breaker!


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