Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Steel Ball Run chapter 75


It's been a very, very long time indeed. Some of you have called us SlowJo Project for this. I honestly don't blame you. There's been miscommunication that just would sound stupid if I went and tried to explain it all, but finally, we're done. Chapter 75.

And what do I have to say about Chapter 75? BADASS ACTION ON A TRAIN. Dio really gets a chance to shine this chapter (and incidentally, on one particular speech bubble, the only editing I did was to remove the furigana. It was kindly written in oddly typeset Roman letters for your convenience). And you finally get to figure out more about D4C, how it works, and what its weaknesses and strengths are!

This is also the last chapter which will be done as a joint with Red Hawk. This has absolutely NOTHING to do with the slowness of this chapter; in fact, they were finished with the redraws earlier than the typesetting, and the slowness was caused by miscommunication between Freek and I about when each of us were available. Rather, their group has pretty much reached full workload capacity. We were already borrowing some members from another group they're friends with, and considering Otafreek already worked with them on some other projects other than SBR, it made more sense to get our extra cleaning in the future from I Eat Manga. Let's hear it for the wonderful cleaning help that has given us glorious spreads in the past, and for a future full of even more SBR!


And as always, for back chapters!

May you enjoy wryyyyyyding this chapter!


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