Friday, April 29, 2011

Steel Ball Run Chapter 74

Whoa. So this has become my favorite volume to have ever worked on. Why? Because the first two volumes I worked to were boring as hell. Also I haven't read ahead on the Japanese chapter spoilers (since I can't figure out which one is which. The numbering's all weird so whatever), so this is all new to me.

So anyway, here's what happens in this chapter:
When we last left our heroes (and antiheroes) the President has just revealed his ability to Dio and Hot Pants as they arrived at the train on which Lucy and Valentine were about to take off. Now they face death as they face their identical alternate-universe selves. At the same time, something mysterious seems to be happening in Lucy Steel's womb! So will Hot Pants cooperate with Dio? Can Dio and H.P. overcome their own selves and escape them unscathed, and how will they do it? Will Valentine escape with Lucy?! Find out the answers to these burning questions in this chapter of Steel Ball Run!

[insert unnecessary excited comment about Jojolion in 2.5 weeks]


Anonymous said...

I've been wondering this since the last chapter, what does "Dojya~n!" mean? I assume its the japanese sfx for closing a door, or specifically closing a door on someone.

Jfreekao said...

No, it's Valentine's new catchphrase. It doesn't seem to mean anything. At least not in this context.

Ruaven said...

please update!!

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