Monday, October 10, 2011

Steel Ball Run chapter 80!

It's been a little longer than we like (haven't we said this way too many times?) but we're moving along at a way faster speed than we have before, and Steel Ball Run chapter 81 is ready to go and on its way! Guess what? Not only are we into volume 21 (!!!!!) BUT! After this we only have one, yes, ONE more chapter in the seemingly never-ending D4C arc! I bet it feels like a breath of fresh air to you all, doesn't it?

As for what's going on in the story... Well, D4C! This chapter marks the reappearance of two things which should be familiar to readers; one familiar to everybody who read SBR and one from... past times?! An old friend and an old enemy, both on the side of our heroes...


And as always, past chapters are at if you missed chapter 80.


Eckin said...

it says chapter 80 on the title but it's actually 81

or am I crazy

anyways many thanks!

D.Maula said...

Ha, ha, it's chapter 81! So it's even better; this is going really fast lately. Thank you very very much for your great work.

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