Monday, October 24, 2011

Steel Ball Run chapter 84

To all the people who read Steel Ball Run: JoJo Project would like to announce the release of the latest English chapter, Chapter 84. With this chapter, we finish volume 21.

We don't have any fancy kind of hype blurb this time. We believe that this chapter needs to stand by itself.


Previous chapters are at, and you can check on our status at our new blog (shizukajoestar on tumblr) or at

We hope to have v22 in a convenient block ready for you as soon as possible! We can actually get things done faster overall by doing volume releases, as we discovered on v21, and we suspect it might cut down on some of the spoiler problems.


MV-Kb said...

Does Steel Ball Run have 22 volumes? or more?

I´ve seen another group starting Part 8: Jojolion

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