Sunday, April 24, 2011

so i mentioned announcements

My lovely little >:3 was a hint. A badly pronounced hint.

Anyway, as many of you already know, JoJo part 8, Jojolion (pronounced like the lion in Evangelion, not like as in rawr I'm a lion), is going to be published starting in Ultra Jump next month. Some very good friends of mine, Project Bite Me! Scans, will be working on it.

Most of the current JJP team will be joining them. The way we're currently planning it is for me to obtain an actual copy of the magazine as soon as possible, so that even if the first chapter is done from mag raws (something I always like to not do), we'll have large enough scans to make it work and still be able to get color pages scanned. This may take up to a month after the issue comes out before I can find it, but it'll be better than public raws. After that, I will be doing raw providing, proofreading, and some minor editing for Jojolion at the same time which I continue to help with SBR; the current arrangement for SBR will continue until the end of the series. After SBR has concluded, I will be switching my editing efforts to redoing part 4 and completely rescanning and retranslating part 5.

I think these arrangements will to work out well for everybody involved, and for the readers as well.

Happy Easter, and more importantly for me, happy "there is chocolate on sale tomorrow"!


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