Friday, April 22, 2011

Steel Ball Run chapter 73

You guys. You guys. You guys don't even KNOW what you're in for, or how happy I am for you that you get to read it. I haven't been so excited to have a new chapter released since way back in volume 16 when we were hearing about napkins while Magenta Magenta and Wekapipo fought on a carriagetop. Or maybe even earlier than that. This is seriously a big fucking deal we've got going on right now.

You can basically tell when the chapters that comprise volume 19 first started to appear in Ultra Jump by looking at Pixiv. This particular chapter here spawned a near critical mass of fanart within a week of its release; suddenly Pixiv was drowning in… well, you guys will just get to see! I don't doubt for one bit that some of the same craze that swept Japan is going to hit the English-speaking internet. This chapter also features a few nice call-backs to a previous arc, including one that I am about 100% certain that all you JoJofags have just been dying to see, and introduces a minor meme that I particularly like (a quirk in the President's speech that will become one of his catchphrases for a while).

Seriously though. This chapter is awesome. This volume is awesome. Normally I rather hate how, thanks to my access to the Japanese volumes, I know things before everybody else. This time, however, knowing what's coming and knowing that I get to watch all the speculation happen again except in English is absolutely delicious.

I want to give special shoutout thanks to Freek for some particularly amazing typesetting this chapter; I could definitely not have handled all the stuff with the torn-up note. Thanks to Momo for doing an emergency translation of the author blurb (isn't it hilarious?). And thanks to Red Hawk for doing all the lovely redrawing work. This chapter may have taken a while, but it's been a delight.


And keep watching this blog for more chapters… and a special announcement coming Sunday! >:3


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